RWC - Rain Water Collector

A saviour in flood disasters

A new brand new and thoroughly tested invention, the Rain Water Collector, RWC, is now available, to help save lives, ease the hardship and minimise the impact of flood related natural disasters, with its costs implications. RWC is packed in a bag, like a life raft and inflates automatically by pulling a string. The main function is to transport the RWC bag to flooded areas and let it inflate where needed. On the ground, or in the water, RWC collects rain water and leads it into a plastic bottle or sack included).

It collects rainwater approximately 3 Liter/mm rainfall.
It can also be used as a raft for saving people and/or for transportation.

The RWC is a self inflatable unit to be transported to/dropped off in flood areas with helicopters, planes, boats (or other means that can get through), to be used directly, before the roads are open for transportation of supplies such as water-tanks and water purifying devices.